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Wealth Management

Thompson & Company offers wealth management services for all families as well as investment consulting and compliance services for institutional clients. We deliver independent, professional expertise that puts your interests first.
We uses a relationship-focused approach to understand your goals and concerns. We then use our extensive professional knowledge to build a unique plan tailored to your objectives. We back up our commitment with proven, world-class service. Our reputation for candor and integrity means you can be confident your interests come first.

Investment Management

Your investment plan must be based on how it can help you achieve your present and future goals. Investments are not an end in themselves; they are a means to an end, which you will define with our help. We can:
  • Measure your risk tolerance
  • ​Define your investment opportunities, both personal and tax-qualified
  • ​Recommend an appropriate asset allocation
  • ​Prepare a personal Investment Policy Statement
  • ​Recommend specific investments that will implement the Investment Policy Statement
  • ​Regularly review the performance of selected investments
  • ​Modify the strategy as needed
Through multiple meetings, we can help you set out objectives for your wealth and the types of risks you are comfortable taking. We also can explain in common English the strengths and weaknesses of different strategies. Once we determine the strategy with which you're most comfortable, we will document our understanding in an investment policy statement.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Where do you want your wealth to take you? Will you be financially independent when you retire?

Creating and maintaining a solid financial plan involves several steps:

1. Establishing goals
2. Gathering data
3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status
4. Developing and implementing a plan
5. Monitoring and adjusting as necessary

Your advisors will work with you to determine your future needs. Together, you and your advisor will project and plan for various scenarios, taking into account the following:
  • Current assets
  • ​Planned savings
  • ​Realistic returns on investments
  • ​Inflation
  • ​Other sources of income
  • ​Current and future expenditures for fixed obligations and variable costs
Progress Always Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends